Within minutes of setting their eyes on it, potential buyers would know whether your home lives up to their expectations and meets all their needs. If your home does not look appealing, it could hamper its saleable quotient. Therefore, the external appearance of your home is of prime importance when you are trying to sell it.

To this end, you have to invest a bit of time and energy in beautifying your home. Let’s take a quick look at the factors you need to ensure prior to presenting it in the market:

For Street Appeal

Paint/repair the front door, lubricate it if it squeaks
• If you have a garden, make sure that you have landscaped it neatly and prettily
• If it’s a flat, ensure that the external walls do not have pealing paints and the outdoor furniture does not appear shabby
• Ensure that the house number is visible
• If you have a garage, tidy it up in an organized manner so that it appears spacious
• Water features, such as, pools should be spotless and appear hygienic

Inside the Property

Rooms – Updating your home with natural colors is easy and cost effective. In addition,

  1. If you have paints coming off, make sure you refurbish it
  2. Ensure that the lighting fixtures are in working condition. If viable, consider replacing them with better ones for a chic look
  3. Oil squeaking and sliding doors
  4. Clean the area around the reading table and behind the doors
  5. Fix any cracks on floor tiles, repair worn-out flooring

Kitchen – It’s a good idea to make the kitchen appear light-n-bright

  1. Clean up the area behind appliances
  2. Ensure that the electrical outlets are functioning properly
  3. Clean and repair taps
  4. Remove stains from and under the sink
  5. Ensure that the floor is waxed
  6. Clean the exhaust fans and chimney vents

Washroom – Dripping taps can make a very bad impression

  1. Replace them with contemporary faucets
  2. Remove stain from toilets
  3. Clean the exhaust fan
  4. Ensure that toilet flushes run smoothly
  5. Deodorize garbage disposals
  6. Clean the mirror/s
  7. Unclog the drain
  8. Make sure that you have a neat shower curtain
  9. Take care that the toilet does not stink

    For Presentation to Prospective Buyers

    While your cleanliness quotient or the quality of your appliances should not influence a potential buyer’s purchase decision, it is imperative that you straighten up the living areas. Keeping your house clutter-free will facilitate a feel of spaciousness, which will definitely help in selling your home. So,

    Vacuum clean the house and ensure that there are no cobwebs
    • Draw the curtains/blinds and let light enter
    • Keep dustbins out of sight
    • Sprinkle some aromatic oils so that your home smells good

    When your house is being inspected, you must highlight all the advantages of your home, in terms of living and access to civic amenities and social infrastructure. Make sure that you exude an air of positivity to make your visitors feel assured of your genuineness, thus making them feel comfortable.